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August 01, 2008



Here is a slightly different take on the acquisition... Amazon is a monopoly which just got even more powerful. Abebooks was one of the few competitors for Amazon. Less competition can not be a good thing for readers, writers, or booksellers who used Abebooks to sell their books. This acquisition is only good for Amazon and it's shareholders. Everyone else will pay the price one way or the other. But that's the way of free markets!


I still recall the acquisition/demise of bibliofind.com with some regret. Amazon bought it and snuffed it out for all practical purposes, I trust ABE won't share the same fate.


What Rob said. I emailed Amazon at the time they bought bibliofind, and noted the excellence of of bibliofind's search format compared to the suckitude of theirs. I've already been concerned by the addition of megasellers and vapourvendors to ABE's database, so I really hope the cluelessness doesn't spread.

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