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July 21, 2009



Know that you are much appreciated and will be missed. I, for one, hope that you return on occasion for a guest posting. Thank you for being you.


I've been using Bookfinder (aka MX Bookfinder) for more than a decade, finding a handful of obscure books every year. It wasn't too many years before this that finding an out-of-print book meant placing an actual ad in a newspaper circulated to used bookstores -- and yes, I did that.

The site has always been great, and I like that the emphasis is on content, not flashiness. Enjoy the new pursuits...

Scott Lahti

Jeez. This is like hearing Lou Gehrig is retiring from the Yankees. As a lifelong booklover turned veteran bookseller, I have found in Bookfinder, beginning in 1998, a godsend, and have a hard time imagining my life these last 11 years without it - the Holy Grails found at last in the teeth of hopes long since abandoned, the money saved after digging for bargains, the information harvested from thousands of listings, the encyclopedic range of topics explored in the journal entries, the surprise emails from ABE alerting me to new finds I'd not have seen without your aggregating function, the memories of such vanished engines as Interloc (if memory serves) and Bibliofind...sigh. You were an everyday hero to many of us, even if our only contact with you was through an email or journal comment twice a decade. The site will function, I'm sure, in the technical sense as well as before. But its heart and soul will be elsewhere, on to greener pastures new, we hope, but still missing from the home at whose hearth we had come to take you as given much after the fashion of the proverbial lady who, upon seeing Hamlet for the first time, pronounced it to be "so full of quotes". Now we shall look for you as for Tiny Tim at table in the imagined future, and, seeing only an ownerless crutch, fall to our knees in plaintive hopes for redemption after seeing the transitory fragility of all we thought would live before us forever.

Goodbye, friend. Be well. And when next you see The Bride of Frankenstein, think of us as the blind man for whom your arrival in our modest hovel was a brilliant gift of light amid otherwise night. "Friend. Good." Anirvan: Friend.


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