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July 10, 2009


alan wilkes

a gathering of booksellers

T. Madrone

A pack of fucking hyenas

Peter Reynolds

Some booksellers are so independent that we don't gather at all. I don't recall ever having gathered with more than one other second-hand bookseller in the 9 years I've been in business, though I guess if you had me, my wife, and one other, that would be a huddle of booksellers.

Others join associations, so that would be an association of booksellers.

Yet others go to book fairs. Maybe a fair of booksellers?

DC Tappin

How about a "impoverishment" of booksellers? Or perhaps an "Anachronism" or an "extinction" of booksellers?


A babble or babel of Booksellers.


How about a genre of booksellers?
Or a bin of booksellers?


As few a we are these days - A dusting of booksellers.

Janet L Jarvits

If you line up a group of bookdealers you're more than likely to see a row of skinny arms on top, spare tires in the middle and spindly legs below. How about "A Loaf of Booksellers" (doughy on the inside and crusty on the outside?)


As much as I love T. Madrone's poetic and precise answer, I can't help but think that a Collection of booksellers would also be appropriate.


How about a binding of bookdealers?


a volume of bookdealers


A page of booksellers?
A rectoverso of booksellers?


How about "a moan" of booksellers
(and yes, I'm guilty too.)


Booksellers - sounds as that badly and offensively:(

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