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October 22, 2009


Marie Taylor

Please send Free Book Repair Training Manual



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PLEASE Repair the"everyday" Books on your shelves. If at all possible, do not send them to a landfill. Be sure to watch the video The Story of Stuff which is linked to in this article. It will change your whole outlook on throwing stuff away.
Hopefully, if you do decide to repair it, it won't turn out like the book pictured here!. At least try to make it look good. (FYI: do not use Duck Tape (aka duct tape)! It will not last more than a few years!)

It is not always easy to make repairs the correct way. It can also hard to find and choose the products to mend those broken tomes. Believe me, I have tried to find repair products in craft stores. My best sources have been found online.

Below you will find some "How To Videos", some supply sources, and other information on preserving your beloved books.

But by all means, extend the life of your everyday books!

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PLEASE Repair the "everyday" books that are on your shelves. If at all possible, do not send them to a landfill. This page presents the best videos about book care and repair that I could find. Hopefully, you will learn a technique that will help you save your beloved books.

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