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October 20, 2009


DVD gyártás

Nook e-reader rulez ! :)


Why are the flip-page buttons on the side with the Nook and the Kindle? It makes no sense. Sony's approach is much more practical and similar to actually holding a book. I am curious to see how B&N's device will shift the market but I'm not sure it'll end up being as game-changing as some think. You're right, though. We shall just have to see come shopping season...

Jena T.

The Nook is NOT being sold outside of the US.

Norman Blackbeard

So, almost a month later, and the Nook hasn't shown up on your otherwise excellent e-reader comparison page. Since Bookfinder is now owned by AbeBooks, which is in turn owned by Amazon, I can't resist asking: is this because your masters at Amazon don't want you to give any more publicity to the competition?


Norman, Sorry about that. It's nothing so sinister, I just haven't had time to update the page yet. There are a couple other eReaders I wouldn't mind updating as well on that page. I will make an effort to do it soon.

Acai Berry Pure

The Nook is the perfect one on one competitor with the Amazon Kindle... Sad the Kindle is way ahead now!

Top Grade Acai

With the Base feature of wireless support, Nook has added some new features to share books with friends over a variety of other devices (iPhones, Blackberry's, etc). And I hope that Nook will have the Kindles text to speech feature very shortly..

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