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December 03, 2009



Thanks! Please don't ever limit the search time...

James Van Eaton

I can tell the difference. Good job.

Gayle L.Hacker

Looking for childrens book about 2 oriental brothers, one who had a very long name ( cheri-beri-rusi-no-sar-endo+++++++). Part of the story I remember is that the little brother fell in the well and by the time his mother says his name and for him to fetch a ladder it's almost too late.

Scott Laming

It doesn’t ring a bell with me, we can see if no one else comes up with a guess for you give the BookSluth over at AbeBooks a try.


It's a forum where people discuss books that they cannot remember the title of but only have a description. Perhaps this will help you in your quest.

Ian Moore

Hi I am trying to find a book from my childhood. I remember it was about a family who got a new puppy, which couldnt sleep. In the end the father got a hot water bottle and a clock, put them in in a blanket which the puppy thought was its mother and then slept OK. Love to get it for my kids.

Scott Laming

I would suggest the same as I just did for Gayle. Try AbeBooks Book Sleuth, or contact a Children's book specialist. You could search for one in Google or check on ILAB.org where you can search for booksellers by speciality.

Good Luck.

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