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February 16, 2010



If none of the other resources has helped, it's probably worth it to spend the USD5 on a Metafilter account and post as much as you can remember as an Ask Metafilter question.

Alice Massoglia

I know that Librarians were mentioned briefly in the original post, but as a reader and bookseller I rely heavily on our reference librarians, and also the librarians from specific foci such as children's books, religious, historical etc. If you live in a small town and do not have such specific sections in your libraries, a call to the central library in a major city such as New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland or Chicago will enable you to talk with librarians with years of experience in very specialized areas. I remember spending many an afternoon picking the brains of specialists in 19th century essays or religious biographies or other esoteric stuff when I was in school in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Regan Sullivan

I am looking for a book
That has a poems written 1979
in a book call
Treasured Poems of America
Published by
Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum,INC
609 Main St.,P.OBox193
Sisterville, WV26175
Author-Icelene Jordan
Name of poem is-MAMAS TEARS

Terry Gouette

I am looking for a copy of Waterford High School's (CT.) yearbook Excalibur for 1970.


Cany anyone help me find this book?

It's about an already married couple. Try are estranged because when they got engaged she tried to elope bit was caught and he ha been in love with her from the moment he saw her. She hears rumors that he might be having an affair so she god to the womens house tovask. When she gets there he walk down the stairs buttoning his shirt and when he sees her they come up with the idea that he is the bastard brother. Sophie the one she thought he was having an affair with turns out to be his half sister who is a bastard and in love with a married man who loves her back. The "bastard brother" starts helping her with a tak involving her ex. She then figures out that the brother and her husband are one and the zmsame when she sees a scare on her husbands arm that was on the brothers. She wants revenge so she sends a letter to the brother asking him to meet her and tricks him into taking off all his clothes and when he dos she takes them and rubs. They talk and want to start over on there marriage. The task she was helping her ex with was that he was accused of murder but he was framed. A man who wanted her did it and also started the rumor abouther husbands affair.


I remember spending many an afternoon picking the brains of specialists in 19th century essays or religious biographies or other esoteric stuff when I was in school in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.


jeu de tarot

Hey, i'm looking for a book of Osman : Creative Camera International, 1977, do you know if there is a copy ?

edna Wright

I am looking for a book which i only know the plot.
there were 2 sisters and the eldest was dislikd by her parents the younger sister got killed and they put the other one in a home where she was abused she then ran away to her grandmothers at the kent marshes, she grows up there and she meets a young man who goes into the army and gets wounded they fall in love and then she finds out that he her step brother

Mediafire Downloads

If none of the other resources has helped, it's probably worth it to spend the USD5 on a Metafilter account and post as much as you can remember as an Ask Metafilter question.


I'm looking for a book from the 80's (?). It was about a girl named Jodi who lived in a small town with her mother and stepfather and sleazy stepbrother (Mark?). She had a male friend named Bobby McGee(?). Her stepbrother got in a car accident with a drifter named Tay Brannon, who he blamed for the accident. Jodi and Tay eventually ran away together, he from the law, she from her home situation. Jodi had an elderly next door neighbour who lived alone in a very tidy house. The book is set during a very hot summer. If anyone can remember the author or title, I would appreciate it. Thanks.


V. Peterson - Like I said in the post, try the BookSluth forum. This is a great place for exactly this kind of question. http://forums.abebooks.com/abesleuthcom

Knit jacket

I am looking for a book which i only know the plot.

Faye Williams

I am looking for a book that I read about 15 or 20 years and I can not remember title or author. It was one of the best books I ever read and I would like to read it again and other books by same author.
The opening starts with a young boy watching a 3 or 4 year old girl for a few minutes for their shared foster Mother. The girl ask for a pastry and the boy goes to get it for her only to find on returning that she has gotten on a train headed for parts unknown. The girl stays on the train and ends up wherever the train is going and ends up somehow with I believe a Pastor and his family, they are not that nice to her and she somehow gets with some good people. The Foster Mother we find is actually the real Mother of the girl. She continues to care for the boy and they are always looking for the girl. Many years later during an earthquake in Calilfornia the now young man finds her. They give a party for all the people that helped the girl. The Mother was always cooking the boys favorite dinner which was Fried Chicken, Slice tomatoes and some other delicious sounding goodies. Help please


im getting sooooooooooooooooooo frustrated cuz i cant find this book with a red and black cover about kids getting stuck in a bathroom during world war 2.

Air Jordan 3

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed. Do you think so?


i read a book but cannot remember the title or author and want to find it again
girl and boy meet in a seaside town the girl goes there every summer with her family. they become good friends and she finds out that the boy is deaf and that he lip reads. one summer her friend come to the seaside town with them, the boy ends up having sex the friend. the girl discovers them and is devastated. she ends up with an eating disorder. eventually, years later they meet again in the town.i think the guys name is Christion.please help!!!!

james waddingham

the book is based in ireland. all property that comes up for sale is bought by middle eastern people and once they hold a majority share of the island they start to try to impose their own laws. an s.a.s.officer tries to stop the process with the aid of a female in irish folklore. if anyone has read the book please help

long jump hero

i dont know about an old book i have know its called fighting blood by Gordon Young

Katie Harrison

I am looking for a book published in 90's I believe about a college dean in Prince George county, Maryland, who disappeard without telling anyone. Later years he had married someone else and did the same disappearce act. Lived in hostoric home in Maryland, did a lot of entertaining. His wife name was Penny and she had red hair. They did a lot of entertaining.

Kim jp

I dont remember charaters title or author but the book is about a teen who was at the park crying becuase of her boyfriend and them she encounters an other teen who was a homeless male and she befriends him and she clothe him and feed him and sometime let him sleep at her house . She has a conflict with a girl but she doesnt know that the girl is the homeless boys cousin and that he really isnt homeless he just ran away.


I read this book in 2005 and now I can't remember the title or author. It's about a man who somehow forgets who he is...I know it's partially set in Flagstaff, Arizona and maybe Sedona, Arizona. Anyways, he meets this woman who is known for weaving tapestries. They fall in love and have a child together. One say he takes the bus Flagstaff to pick up materials for something. He bumps his head and remembers who really is, but forgets who he was. He's really a doctor. She ends up selling him a tapestry for his office but doesn't realize who it is until somewhere towards the end.

If anyone can help me I would be so grateful!!


whats the name of that book where a girl gets stuck in a fire but her parents dont survive so she gets adopted by a rcih guy gets raped by her prom date and meets a guy from where she used to live who likes to draw


i am looking for a book that i read a few years back. its a teen book. i remember that the guy had diabetes and the main character gave him a pet with diabetes by accident. the cover is the two of them under a boat. oh and she broke her arm.


I am looking for a book about a girl who has to get married. She gets a bodyguard named Red. She has two horses named Apple and Oat. She learns how to ride on the side so it looks like she's not there. She won a horse race doing that. In the end when she's going to her new home she gets attacked and her bodyguard dies.


I am looking for a book I thought was part of the silhouette collection but i. can't find it.its about a woman whose husband and infant daughter.arr killed in a car accident involving a police car in a highspeed pursuit . Six years later she hours into a antique store and puts on a ring with an inscription in it and out takes her back to tje day they died and she was able to save them it flag forwards to present day and a little girl comes up to her in the antique store ours her daughter.and her husband alive. later she tje mother gets kidnapped by a msn that works at a hospital who has also kidnapped two little girls and tje woman must save.herself andthe girls. Please someone help me find this book outs driving me.crazy

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