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March 02, 2010



Im looking for a si fi book that a teacher read to the class in 1972. All i remember is people were jailed for multiple lives depending on the crime.


I am trying to contact the publisher of "The Back Side of Satan,by Morris Cerullo, 1973. By Creation House, Inc,. Publishers. Hoped to reach them via the internet, preferably by email.
I am trying to start a personal website, Non-profit - no money involved, just trying to get information out to the public. This book is over 30 years old. It is a shame to let parts of it die, if not reprinted. I would like to give reference to the book, so if anyone is interested, they could contact the publisher, and perhaps find the book. It is an excellent book. Just found it Sunday at a used book store. Great book. Thanks for your help.
I probably cannot find this site again. please forward the reply to my email so I will find it. Identify so won't think, if virus.

Walter R. Stevens

It seems your "small server problem" persists. I've requested searches repeatedly over the past three days, but none of them have gone through. After entering an author's name and the book's title, waiting for Bookfinder's search process to open is as far as I get before the system finally times out.

Scott Laming

We just looked into this and from what we can tell this doesn't seem to be a problem on our end, and as best as we can tell our servers are running fine. Try flushing your cache, and trying again. If the problem does persist get back in touch and we will see if we cannot find out why your searches are not working properly.


ronald j wilburn

trying to get information on book(the lady with the camellias by alevandre dumas fils printed in london privatlt printed in 1887) any help?

Scott Laming

Is this what you are looking for:

Try looking for "Lady with the Camellias" by "Dumas" this query was including the year you were looking for in the keyword but if you remove it you will get a few more options. Play around with the queries until you get results that help.

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