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April 27, 2010


Pam Walter

Depending on what I'm reading, some things are OK to put down after 20 minutes. :o) http://blog.sweetservices.com/sweetscandyblog/

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My issues is more with the sunlight readability than the eye strain. I tend to read a lot on the deck in the summer and the eink is perfect for that. If they had a color display that worked in the sun as well as eink then I would probably change over.


Some people are sensitive to LCD light and i'm one of them, despite the good professor denying it happens :). I had a headache for over 6 months after starting a new job. I had always used computers often so it was perplexing why I couldn't suddenly without strain. I tried exercising my eyes/breaks/posture changes, yoga sessions to relax, computer glasses and eye exam, and even went as far as getting an MRI in case their was a problem in my brain. Finding no solution my "doctor" declared I had migraines and would need medicine for life.
Not happy with that solution I thought hard about what could have changed and realized I had always used CRT monitors before my job. I never considered LCD monitors were bad because they are supposed to be better for you. So, I purged all backlit LCD displays from my life and within 2 weeks felt much better. The biggest thing I learned is that you need to trust your own body over the advice of so called professionals. If it wasn't for my own questioning of authorities I would have to pop pills my whole life. So it's great that the quoted professor has no problems with back lights, but it's pure BS that everyone is.


20 minutes is certainly not a realistic time frame for reading, Now I dont seem to have much eye starin issues but I have noticed my vision getting worse over the years.. I thought it was perhaps age but now I start to wonder..

It' a bit frightening to think about

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I cannot blame my back lit monitor for my deteriorating vision any more than I can blame my car for my cardiovascular health.

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Thank you very much for your very thoughtful and considered comment. I approach the journey in very much the same way as you've described yours.

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