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June 02, 2010


Dr. Gerard O'Brien

I have a specific problem: Having found on bookfinder.com a hardback copy of a book I wanted, I ordered it only to find on delivery that it was a paperback. When I complained to the bookdealer (AHA of Germany)they told me that they were not responsible for errors made by bookfinder.com The book was 'Up and down stairs' by Musson. The advert is probably still running.

Peter Reynolds

Gerard's book is indeed still listed:

It doesn't appear to say whether it's a hardback or paperback when you click through to the ChooseBooks site. According to Amazon UK the ISBN 0719597307 relates to a paperback. Presumably Bookfinder, being owned by ABE/Amazon, has access to this sort of information?


My intermittent problem is getting a 'forbidden' message when I hit the search button - You do not have permission to access /search on this server, or something like that.

Fernando Santos

I continue to have problems to connect to specific pages within Bookfinder. This is what appears in my screen:

HTTP 403
Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in.

What you can try:
Go back to the previous page.

More information

This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

Libby Dunevant

This service is fantastic! However, I will not do business with ValoreBooks again, as I now see that the values they post on Bookfinder.com are for "very good" copies, making it impossible to compare with other vendors who list prices for "good" books.


I am still seeing "forbidden" in Firefox. In IE I see the same error cited by Fernando above.

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I find a "total price" on the Bookfinder list for a book listed by Amazon.com, but when I click on the "total price" and am taken to Amazon's website I find the "total price" is not really a total price at all. To get it, you have to order a minimum of $25 dollars' worth of books. I consider this practice a misrepresentation or, in
other words, a phoney come-on, an example of a unique form of bait and switch. Amazon can keep their book.

oil paintings

Well, I had no problem with it when searched for Jane Austin's Emma.


This would be the perfect search site - IF there was any speed to the searches. Unfortunately, it's almost as bad as using an old manual card file in a library (remember those days?)

Chuck Gadda

Bookfinder Tech Staff: Are you all planning on repairing this problem with the 403 and 404 errors anytime soon??? It makes it practically impossible to look for anything, as this occurs quite frequently and in many cases refreshing the screen does not correct the problem.


Mr. Gadda,
We are still trying to find a permanent solution to this problem however it's proving to be very difficult. We have had some very useful assistance from different users who have sent in details of when and how the errors are occurring for them but since none of our staff have yet been able to replicate the problem ourselves progress on the solution has been slower than we would like.

We're very sorry that this problem continues to effect people. We just ask your continued patience as we keep testing new possible solutions.

-Scott and the BookFinder.com Team

John Goebel

I have a very specific type of book that I am looking for, however, within the last year, many of the books have been reprinted via OCR or direct imaging. Bookfinder has no filter to filter out these books, as a result I spend hours filtering out these books that I have no interest in to find the few that I do have an interest in. Can you create a filter to screen out the reprints and print on demand books?


I now see that the values they post on Bookfinder.com are for "very good" copies, making it impossible to compare with other vendors who list prices for "good" books...

David Ames

Bookfinder worls at homes, running Firefox under Ubuntu (a Linux clone). It generally fails (access not permitted) at the office, running a non-current Explorer under Windows. I suspect the interface under YOUR latest revisions fails at most sites, and that you may have hard-coded tests that are bound to fail.


Thanks for this!


I bought a book for school on Bookfinder.com and paid exztra for 3 day shipping and handling, it has now been 5 days and the money was debited out of my account and still no book!! I need to do my homework before class and I am having trouble finding a number to contact anyone!! Please help!!

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