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September 27, 2010


Adrianne Truett

I am glad that they are being somewhat more open about the list including challenged-but-not-banned titles. Frustrated me to no end in library school when a professor told me -- seriously -- how important it was to make sure every challenge gets put forward as a potential banning, and every librarian who agrees (including ones that agree that "mistakes were made" -- that just because it involves cartoony drawings doesn't mean hentai belongs in the kids' room, for example, and moves it to a different part of the library) should be publicized as a banning. She said that all of that -- removing a challenged book because it truly doesn't belong where it had been placed, or for another equally-valid "the cataloger just glanced at the cover and would have made a different decision if she'd opened the book" reason -- is what makes up the ALA's statistics. (Same librarian who thought legal action should be taken against the Catholic grade school where I was teaching (and which I'd used as an example in coursework) because they didn't have pro-abortion books in the library, but who did support the removal of "ex-gay" books from the university library, for what it's worth... so perhaps had somewhat of a skewed concept of what "banning" means!) We (a certain major city's public library system) lately had "A Picture of Dorian Gray" bizarrely catalogued as an easy reader (I guess because it had "picture" in the title?); I (library employee) challenged it as not appropriate for the age group, and it was moved to "classics" in the general collection. If I'd been a regular patron and filled out a comment form for it, that would be a "challenged book" statistic!

Seems to me, if you need to use that kind of reasoning and that kind of misleading publicity ("Someone questioned whether or not this book was appropriate, and the library told them it was! That's just like book burning or government censorship!") to get your point across, you might need to rethink things.


damn liberal commie homos have infiltrated this deep, huh? No one cares, faggots! You failed at life! Try again next go round!

No Wilhelm Reich (the only author to have his books burned by the US government)?

No Anarchy cookbook? No Unabomber or John Zerzan?

No Apocalypse Culture? Apparently defending child porn and supporting mass-murder isn't as dangerous as fictionalized text-messages and anti-family themes.

No book out today can touch the sexual honesty of Lady Chatterley's Lover...

Could this list BE any more condescending? I suppose it only goes to show how obessesed our culture is with sexual repression, and then people wonder why they have slut daughters who have 3 babies before the age of 12...


I am honestly so surprised that The Catcher in the Rye, The Color Purple and To Kill a Mockingbird are challenged books! That is more shocking to me that these books!!!! These are classics people! Deal with it!


no surprise. this is America. our education system only goes to the 5th grade. ah, well you still have the right to read what you want.
remember the first amendment?


What can you say??.....Its pretty much a fact that the minority is telling the majority what they can and can not read....not an easy fact to swallow, but true none the less. If you think about it "NO" book is suitable for the age level its in according to all the challenges!! Welcome to America...
hummmm....Wonder if I should Challenge "On Walden Pond" or "The Grapes of Wrath"??...(Nothing like going over the edge). I wonder who decides what books should be made into Kindle Readers (Amazon.com) and if he or she will "Let" me read the books "I" want to read, and not the books "They" want me to read. This could get very interesting in the next few years.

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