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November 10, 2010



This is an incredible opportunity....


An incredible opportunity, certainly. Though I fear that, in contrast to Tufte's statement that his intent is for his books to be used and shared, this auction will result in the accumulated knowledge being fragmented, scattered to the four winds, and sequestered in the private rooms of collectors, held prisoner from the public and those who could best learn from it.

We will hope that the buyers of these items - at prices which may be tough for musuems to match in some cases - will realize the real value of the works is a public one.

Of course, a great thanks to Tufte for collecting, preserving, and sharing many fine examples from his library through his own books. He's contributed mightily to society at large through his work, and has done a giant's work in demonstrating the value - and relevance - of this information.

John Hattingh

I have an old book written by Rev J.G. Wood M.A. title Lane and Field dated 1884 in mint condition. Has an inscription as a prize for third place and dated Midsommer 1886. What would this books value be please


I think Kevin nailed it. The dissolution and dispersion of the sale books in irrevocable and fundamentally damaging.

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