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April 12, 2011


the sixler

Twilight would have been banned if they did it because it was corrupting our youth to enjoy awful garbage.

Also, who was censoring Nickel and Dimed? The big businesses?

Albert W

Note the reason: "Inaccurate". Barbara Ehrenreich hasn't got a clue how to live cheaply. Put simply, it is not difficult at all to survive on a part-time minimum wage job with reasonable quality of life - I'm doing it right now, and I've even got a computer and broadband internet access to post this. No additional income, either - just my paycheck, minus FICA for wars that don't need fought, social security I'll never be able to collect, and once Obamacare goes into effect, insurance that I don't need. Ehrenreich's work reflects nothing except the fact that some people can't cope with hard times and feel the need to blame others for it.

On the other hand, I'm against censorship, period, even if it is such a great steaming heap of reek as Nickel & Dimed.


"Sexually explicit" for Hunger Games. Further proof that whoever challenges books never has a clue of what it is they're actually trying to ban.


Where the hell is there ANY reference to sex in 'The Hunger Games'?

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